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10 Adult Sexual Cartoons Scenes That Portray Lost Innocence

Just when you thought kids entertainment couldn’t get any better, comes some shocking revelations.

These 10 adult sexual cartoon scenes prove that cartoons aren’t just for the younger generation. Hence, if you’re an adult, you can enjoy them too.

Before we forget, kudos to those parents who spotted the sexual content, before their kids. On the whole, you simply can’t trust anyone these days. Happy viewing!

adult sexual cartoons

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was a classic favorite for many of us, during childhood. There was something so intriguing about Ariel, the mermaid. However, with time, things do change, and it’s not surprising why many parents are appalled at the show’s producers.

Two recent photographs from the show hint towards adult content. And here’s some proof just for you.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Decider

Rug Rats All Grown Up- classic scenes relating to adult sexual cartoons

We can’t find a better example of adult sexual cartoons than this reference in the Rug Rats All Grown Up.

On the whole, it seems that scriptwriters were aiming for something a little more conservative than what was actually showcased. Nevertheless, we guess the Rug Rats are grown after all.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Bustle

The Lion King

Just when you thought Simba’s adventures through his native homeland was the most adorable storyline ever, a huge surprise awaits for fans.

Coincidently, we’re not quite sure if viewers anticipated this one. Nevertheless, it definitely sent shockwaves across the world, terming it to be one example of adult sexual cartoons.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Pinterest

Spongebob Squarepants

When you’re living in a town that’s referred to as Bikini Bottom, it’s not surprising why you can’t have adult sexual cartoons too. Consequently, this scene from Sponge Bob Square Pants has put doubts in everyone’s minds.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: YouTube

Tom and Jerry- shocking adult sexual cartoons scenes

If we had to put our money on guessing one cartoon that’s gained the most fame with the masses, it’s undoubtedly Tom and Jerry. On the contrary, we’re not quite sure what producers were thinking about these adult sexual cartoons references.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Youtube

Donald Duck

We always felt Donald Duck had an inner wild child. But after watching this adult-themed scene, it’s safe to say our imaginations have gone wild. Hence, it’s safe to say our childhood image is scarred.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: BakLOL

The Toy Story 3- prime example of adult sexual cartoons scenes

This scene from The Toy Story 3 is astonishing, to say the least.

It features a very grown-up Andy that’s engaging in sex. Coincidently, if that wasn’t enough, the fact that the rest of the crew is gawking at the scene has us questioning. In short, what were the show’s intentions in the first place? We’re clearly bewildered at the moment.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Gallery Roulette

Mickey Mouse

Yes, if your eyes popped out after witnessing this cartoon’s name, it’s safe to say we’re on your team.

Who knew an innocent love story of Mickey and Minnie could shock so many fans. Additionally, it’s made so many of us term the show with adult sexual cartoons references across the board. I mean, dirty humor has limits.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: FreeAdultComix


Tangled is a Disney movie but that surely doesn’t justify what we’re witnessing at the moment. Sex is a very strong word for such young audiences. Hence, the casual way it’s used over here has many of us wondering what producers wanted to prove.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: ReelRundown


Surprisingly, Hercules makes the list for adult sexual cartoons. While we agree some days it’s windy, but that clearly doesn’t justify the revealing nature of what’s underneath. Above all, they’re scarring little children’s minds along the way, not to mention ruining the tune of Zero to Hero.

adult sexual cartoons
Source: Ebaum’s World

It’s really shocking to see scenes relating to adult sexual cartoons. Hence, parents need to keep an eye out for such crazy ordeals.