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Can You Beat The Odds & Figure Out The Correct Answer To This Challenge?

Here’s a unique brain twister and we’re asking you to put your best foot forward and figure out the right solution.

A good riddle contains a balanced mixture of surprise elements and plenty of twists and turns. After all, that’s what makes people coming back for more. Imagine if all of the world’s puzzles appeared the same, what difference what they hold against one another? Not too much, right?

While math, English, and logic may not have been your favorite subjects while growing up, they are without a doubt the ultimate genres through which the best puzzles come about.

Some riddles appear as statements while others arise as vague questions. But on the whole, it’s up to the puzzler regarding how he or she decides to solve them. Hence, keep your eyes open for little clues that may be present in between the puzzle’s statement.

You never know how that little detail could turn into a possible clue that drives you to sheer success.

Alright, we think we’ve provided you with plenty of pointers on what to do next. Now, it’s time to put this lesson to the test and solve the tricky brain teaser shown below. So let’s get those thinking caps on and begin the mind-boggling fun! Good luck!

The tricky puzzle

Source: GPuzzles

For this next brain-tasking game, we want you to do one important thing. And that is put your focus and attention on the image shown.

Yes, five minutes of pure concentration will truly determine how you end up at the end of this riddle. Don’t forget to compare your answer with our solution that’s present at the end of the task. But please, no peeking or cheating, until and unless you’re done!

The right answer

It’s time for the final verdict. Let’s take a look at how well you’ve done!

The right answer is Rick was not home and he parked his car AFTER snow built upon the highway.