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Can You Put An End To The Puzzle Mystery By Solving This?

Work week got you down? What better way to take a breather than by solving some puzzles? Especially these puzzles that have been fooling the viewers for a while now.

For our intelligent and loving readers, today we bring you three separate picture puzzles. All of them have their own unique quirk and challenge that you need to work through. Most people prefer picture puzzles over wordy ones because looking at a picture is better than reading a few lines. Plus, picture puzzles not only polish your brain but also train your eyes to be more attentive!

So gather up your motivation and get ready for some puzzle solving!

Find The Differences Puzzle

Today’s first puzzle is a type that you may have done a lot when you were younger. It’s a simple ‘find the difference’ challenge. This image also has some characters you may recognize: Popeye and Olive!

Here’s the image below:

Image Credits: Timeless Life

So there are a total of 5 differences between the two pictures. Look closely and see if you can find them. Only 33% of viewers manage to find all 5 differences. But we are rooting for you to be among the successful ones!

There’s no hurry. When you think you are ready to check the answer, just scroll down.

So did you find all 5 of them? Here are the answers:

Popeye’s eye, Popeye’s pocket, Popeye’s pipe, Olive’s collar, and Olive’s lips.

Do you see the differences? They are obvious after they are pointed out, right? How many did you manage to spot?

The next one is going to be even more interesting.

The Second Puzzle

The following image is designed to test the vision of the best of the best. But it also requires some concentration and focus, to accurately spot what the puzzle is asking for.

Take a look at this image:

Image Credits: Small Joys

As you might notice, this is an optical illusion. Now the challenge is how many animals can you spot in this image? And where are they?

Ready your answer! The solution is right below.


Image Credits: Small Joys

There are 2 animals! A swan and a rabbit.  

Final Challenge

This is the last one for today. This one is an optical illusion too. Now that you have some practice with the previous one, this one can be a bit easier.

Look at the image of a dog. It is peacefully sleeping. But there is more to it than meets the eye!

Image via Mighty Optical Illusions

The dog’s owner is also in this picture. The challenge is to find him. Can you spot him? He is very well disguised, by the way.

The solution this time is much simpler. You just have to try changing your perspective.


So did you get it using the hint? All you have to do is rotate the image on its side. Like this:

Image via Mighty Optical Illusions

Do you see the owner now? Congratulations to everyone who solved it without seeing the solution! You have great eyes.

If you liked these puzzles, then please share them with your friends and family. And do let us know in the comments which one you liked the best!