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Can You Spot The Panda Hidden In These Elephants?

Can you find the panda among all those elephants??

You have only one minute!

Before you start looking at the picture, I want to know whether you loved Where’s Waldo?

Maybe I don’t know about you, but I loved Where’s Waldo.

I am a seeker, and this kind of challenge entertains me and exhilarates me.

Because we know that you are fans of this kind of challenge, we created a task for you!

Can you find the panda? 

Well, I have practiced throughout my entire childhood, and I consider myself an expert! But, this task was arduous! Seriously, I spent an hour trying to spot the panda among all those elephants!

Did you manage to spot the panda??

If your answer is positive, then congratulations. You are a pro!

In case you didn’t manage to find the panda, don’t despair; we’ll give you a hint!

Hint: Pay attention to the right side of the photo!

It is too hard, right?

Answer: You can find the panda if you look at the seventh row starting from the bottom. Once you found the seventh row, take a look at the second face from the right side, you will see the panda!

If you failed to do the task, don’t despair! In the future, we will share more tasks similar to this one! You aren’t bad at this. The problem here is that the panda blends perfectly with the elephants!