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Confusing ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Has Left Fans Of The Show Stumped

Every Internet user is familiar with the popular wheels of fortune. With all of those all-too-tempting advertisements flashing a wheel of fortune with a whole bunch of luxurious prizes that you can win, but all you get instead is a virus or maybe a couple of them- really fun, isn’t it?

But, what do you think about the wheel of fortune puzzle TV show?

What we are talking about here is quite similar… except that the chance of getting any computer viruses is much lower because it is the wheel of fortune puzzle show that goes on TV in the daytime, named the Wheel of Fortune – ironically.

This show aired first in 1975, is loved by all domestic workers, the parents that stay at home, the adults who work from home who simply can’t stay in silence so they leave the TV playing in the background (but, in fact, it’s there for you to stare blankly at whilst you pretend to be working).

I’m certain that this game, along with all game shows that air on TV during the daytime has reached its all-time peak since the streaming movies showed up, seeing as we spend so much time in our homes now during these days of the pandemic… there is a name for a reality show somewhere in there…

The wheel of fortune puzzle

Surely every one of us has had the opportunity to watch this show, but there was a recent show that poised a particular riddle that was so perplexed, it has gone viral! While we are quite sure that everyone has tried to solve it … they have failed badly but in the funniest ways! We present you a few examples we have collected, for your amusement – so enjoy!

The picture above is the dreaded wheel of fortune puzzle. It is a kind of a game of Hang-man… but the hanging is gone. There are a few given letters of the alphabet, with a few blank spaces and you are supposed to fill in those blanks. If you consider the letters that are given you can imagine the humorous answers that people have given!

Here are a few examples

@MrMunk00 thought the answer might be; “ DUCK AT WORK” and he said that he “was trying to think of a situation when “DUCK AT WORK” would make any kind of sense, and really only zookeepers and park rangers could find the relevance in this one.” – we are totally behind you on that, Mr. Munk! Unless you are fortunate to have a lovable duck as a pet and also to be able to work from home!

@twittersgoodboy thought that the missing words would make up the words; “SUCK IT DORK”, but we think that might be the most obvious option… try better next time, @twittersgoodboy!

@davegrapes also had an amusing idea… stating that it is; “PICK AT PORK”. Well now, if you would like a roast pork feast, we can’t argue with that and we understand this guess! In fact, it would be most logical!

Now that you have seen some of the hilarious opinions, what would your guess be about solving this puzzle? Let’s see what are your thoughts, it could be very interesting! Don’t hold back! Have you found the true answer when others couldn’t?

Write it down in the comments section and let’s spread the fun!