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Did Darth Vader Actually Say, ‘Luke I Am Your Father’

Just when you thought you knew everything, comes a surprise.

 Did Darth Vader actually say, ‘Luke I am your father?’ Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at something interesting.

It’s not uncommon to see people remembering things inaccurately. It could be from a movie scene or even dialogue from a popular play. Unfortunately, it is this very version that stays in our heads for years. And we accept it as the truth, despite it being far from reality.

Below, we’re unraveling some intriguingly distorting memories of the past. They have each received their fair share of attention. And the best bit being, they involve the sharing of false memories.

Luke I am your father
Source: Forbes

Star Wars- the real iconic ‘Luke I am your father’ scene

Do you think you have a great Star Wars memory? If yes, you might want to think again. Our mind has the wonderful capability of playing tricks where people share false memories. It’s almost as if we intentionally fail to accept reality.

Darth Vader informing Luke Skywalker about his parentage is one of the movie’s most iconic moments. If yes, why do we all remember this quote wrong?

Let’s put it straight once and for all. It’s not, ‘Luke I am your father.’ The dialogue is actually, ‘No, I am your father.’

It’s been so many years, yet we continue to move forward with the misinterpreted dialogue. How interesting though?

Luke I am your father
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