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Easy And Cheap Breakfast With Old Bread

We all know it is a sin if you throw away bread. Throwing bread is not economic. If you have leftover bread from this week, if it is not soft anymore here are few ways how to use it.

Old bread pie


All ingridients that you will need are:

  1. Slices of old bread
  2. Three eggs
  3. One hundred grams of cheese
  4. Thirty grams of milk




  • First of all you need to place the bread into casserole dish, so there isn’t any space between the bread slices



  • Second thing you need is mixing cheese, eggs and milk



  • Third thing you need to do is to cover up the bread with the sauce you made out of eggs, cheese and milk.



  • Fourth step is to place the bread in the oven and let it bake until it shines like gold.




  • Fifth step is to enjoy your breakfast.



Here you can watch a short video that shows the process of making this delicious breakfast,taken from unknown Youtube video author.