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Home » Elon Musk Teases His Own ‘Mysterious’ Death, His Mom Says, “That’s NOT Funny”

Elon Musk Teases His Own ‘Mysterious’ Death, His Mom Says, “That’s NOT Funny”

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Billionaire Elon Musk is known for his bizarre tweets and while some may find his non-stop activity on Twitter hilarious, his mom isn’t having it.

The new Twitter owner made plenty of heads turn after a shocking cryptic message was released through his Twitter account.

Source: BBC

The message spoke about the Tesla owner dying under mysterious circumstances and how if it does end up happening, it was nice knowing all of his fans. 

According to local media reports, the world’s richest person has become a huge target for Russia’s leading space agency which is calling him out for supplying an uninterrupted internet connection to Ukraine. 

The SpaceX CEO also shed light on how many attempts of jamming and hacking had been made by Russians to put an end to the internet supply by Musk’s Starlink Satellite. 

Source: New York Post

Inside reports claim the US has been paying SpaceX, to provide Ukrainians with reliable, fast, and convenient internet supply to ensure they maintain their strong online presence during this difficult time. 

Dmitry Rogozin who is the Russian space chief has openly blasted out the Tesla owner for strengthening Ukraine, adding that it was nothing less than a ‘Nazi Azov Battalion & the Ukrainian Marines in Marioupol’. 


The US had feared that Russia would first knock out Ukraine’s internet system during the start of the war and that would really lessen their chances of putting up a strong battle against Russian troops.

Therefore, Musk’s SpaceX was recalled to step in and give 1,330 Starlink terminals. In addition to that, Musk also spoke about how he donated about 3,670 terminals in addition to that.

“If I die under the most mysterious circumstances, it was really nice knowing you. But remember that there are no angels in war”- the bizarre cryptic Tweet revealed. 

Source: The Verge

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