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Home » Father & Son CLEARED Of All Charges Despite Bashing Teen Burglar & Chopping His Finger Off

Father & Son CLEARED Of All Charges Despite Bashing Teen Burglar & Chopping His Finger Off

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A father and son duo have reportedly been cleared of all charges despite the fact that they were involved in horrifically abusing a teenage burglar.

According to local media reports, the father and son were accused of violently beating the teenage robber who reportedly made an attempt to break into their home with the intent of stealing. But little did he know who he was messing with because the duo really taught him a lesson that he would remember for a really long time.

Source: NZ Herald

Moments after they battered him, they chose to chop his litter finger off too and it really struck concern to authorities that if they may not have intervened at the right time, the suspect could have been killed through their hands.

Source: Daily Mail

They have been identified as William Burr and his son Shaun and the reason why there is such an uproar in the community has to do with the great string of criminal charges attached to their name. Yet, being given the ‘not guilty’ status is definitely worrisome for obvious reasons.

Source: Daily Mail

Burr tried to defend his stance on the matter by speaking in detail about how his home was burglarized at least three different times and he felt that he had enough. Therefore, all the anger came out on the robber, who was violently treated for the crime he was about to commit.

Surprisingly, the father-son duo has zero remorse about the matter.

Source: Daily Mail

As far as his crime is concerned, well, he and another accomplice had the guts to walk on over to the teenage son and place a gun to his head and his girlfriend’s head too. The end result is the dad and the boy intervening and taking the matter into their own hands.

The verdict of clearance and non-guilty was recently given by the jury during the afternoon hours of Wednesday.