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Home » Female Escort Says Men Pay Her Thousands To NOT Engage In Intimate Relations

Female Escort Says Men Pay Her Thousands To NOT Engage In Intimate Relations

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One woman is raising the curtain on female escorts and how their job may not quite be what you anticipated.

When you hear about the profession, people automatically assume they’re going to get thousands of dollars. But one woman is telling the world that it may not be the case.

Source: Daily Star

Here is an escort by the name of Samantha X whose job isn’t about engaging in sexual activities with her clients. Instead, she’s indulging in some startling facts about how people pay her out in thousands for not having intimate relations. Sounds bizarre right, well, that’s the reality.

Known for flashing her cleavage, this escort is in a totally different league. She is now getting into the depths of her profession and how the industry isn’t quite what the world perceives it to be.

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“We don’t have just one role. We’ve been here long enough to realize one thing, life is tough and you’ve got to make changes as they come”- she explained.

In reality, the escort feels that men are actually in search of something a little more. And that goes above and beyond the part of sexual relations. Instead, so many men are out there in search of an emotional connection.

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With plenty of experience in the adult industry, this woman revealed that there is a fire in her that makes her keep going.

And no, it’s not about the hair, heels, and makeup. In the same way, she says it’s not about the makeup either. But the types of connections that she has with other men are definitely a part of her job that she looks forward to the most.

Source: Daily Star

In fact, Samantha sees all of it as a true privilege that she’s getting the chance to meet men from all walks of life and it’s actually really interesting for her.