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Here’s A Riddle That’s Challenging People’s Minds! Can You Figure It Out?

Who knew exercising your brain could mean having so much fun?

We’re back just in time for the weekend and what better and healthier way to celebrate indoors than a new and epic range of puzzles galore! Yes, here’s a riddle that’s guaranteed to make your brain cells active because we believe it’s certainly not as simple as you may take it to be.

While some are funny, others tend to revolve around the more clever theme. All in all, this brain teaser is definitely something special, or shall we say a step above all others.

Statistics from this challenge reveal how only 75% of viewers managed to score correctly. And in case you’re wondering what the real reason is, well, it’s simple. So many talented puzzlers forgot to focus on the little details as they searched for the right answer.

Whatever the case may be, we want you to begin with a blast and that entails a fresh start. So, what are the benefits of solving puzzles, if you may ask?

Firstly, it definitely consumes very little time but the pleasure rewarded afterward is certainly worth it in the end. Next, it’s a fabulous source of entertainment as well. In case you disagree, well, how about taking a look at our puzzle shown below!

Oh, how can we forget the main advantage- it keeps your mind functioning in a healthy manner. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the challenge immediately! Good luck and happy solving!

Today’s tricky challenge

Source: Brightside

Please don’t go on thinking it’s a breeze because the last time puzzlers did that, they scored poorly. Take a deep breath, relax and focus on what the puzzle is really asking you to do!

The right answer

Are you ready to gauge your performance and see how well you’ve done with this particular puzzle? Well, we sure do hope so! Scroll down below and let’s see what the solution really has in store!

Alright, the right answer includes how the shadows of both people and objects are different. Secondly, the wind does not blow away cigarette smoke. Thirdly, lightning does not come from a cloud here. Lastly, the lightning fails to hit the highest object which is the other tower’s tip.

How many did you get right?