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Here’s Why Clint Eastwood, 91, ‘Doesn’t See Any Point’ In Marrying Longtime 56 Year-Old Girlfriend Christina Sandera

Though the Hollywood legend has been dating his girlfriend Christina Sandera for many years now, he “doesn’t see any point” in marrying her, according to an insider.

“Clint doesn’t see any point in marrying again,” the insider told Closer Weekly after Eastwood celebrated his 91st birthday last weekend. “He loves Christina, but marriage isn’t something he needs.”

Eastwood may not plan on marrying his 56 year-old girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her deeply. The pair have been dating since 2014, when they met at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel, where Sandera worked as a hostess. Their romance moved fast, and by June of that year, Us Weekly was reporting that Sandera was “[living] with him in his house” in California.

“Clint’s kids have all met Christina and like [her],” a source added at the time.

Eastwood and Sandera made their debut as a couple on the red carpet of the 2015 Academy Awards, and months later, they stepped out again at an event for Clint’s Eastwood Ranch Foundation in November.

Since then, the couple has been going as strong as ever. A source said last year that Eastwood is “truly happy with her.”

“She’s fun, easygoing and his kids like her, too,” the source said. “She’s on an even keel like he is.”

Since Eastwood “keeps in touch with all eight of his children” — Laurie, Alison, Kyle, Scott, Kimber, Kathryn, Francesca and Morgan — as well as “their families,” he is grateful that Sandera gets along so well with his big blended brood.

“He’s taken great comfort [in] that at this time of his life,” the source explained.

Eastwood has previously been married twice, first to Maggie Johnson, from 1953 to 1984, and then to his second ex-spouse, Dina Eastwood, from 1996 to 2014.

An insider told the publication earlier this week that Eastwood enjoyed a “very quiet” birthday celebration with Sandera and his children over the weekend.

“As far as I know, Clint had a very quiet birthday with Christina,” the insider said, adding that “some of his kids stopped by his home in Carmel.”

The source went on to say that Eastwood has “never” been one to make a big deal about his birthday, and that he was just fine with keeping it low-key, “especially at this age.”

“He’d rather a nice lunch at one of his favorite places,” the source said. “But even then, he’d rather the waiters didn’t bring out a cake.”