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How Many Squares Do You See In This Image?

Our brain loves to be teased.

Brain exercise is as important as any other body exercise, and what’s better about it, it is much more fun!

Brainteasers are a great way to keep your brain in shape, so we chose one that will challenge you!

Let us know, how many squares do you see?

Brainteasers are very important for your wellbeing, as they promote brain elasticity and memory retention.

Therefore, feed your brain with challenges, water it with puzzles, and exercise it with games, optical illusions, and brainteasers!

Take a look at the picture below and count the squares in it!

How many squares do you see?

Keep in mind, not everything is as it seems. Our brains tend to focus on one thing and thus overlook certain aspects of images and remove certain information.

Therefore, take your time and look away from the image for a few moments.

Do this several times, to check if you have missed anything previously.

Next, you can remove the colors from the squares for you to see the answer more clearly.

Maybe seeing the picture in monochromatic mode helped you? 

The answer is…11!

The picture below should tell you everything you need to know.

So, did you enjoy this? If you did, test your skills with the next one, from Playbuzz, and let us know how many squares do you see in this tricky challenge?

While it might appear simple at the beginning, the longer you look at it, the more squares you will notice. Take your time, and count all the squares you can spot.

When done, try to solve this super difficult problem.


The answer is 40.

Look at the grid. Eight small squares, 18 single squares, nine 2×2 squares, four 3×3 squares, and 4×4 squares.