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Home » “I Let My Mom And My Sister SLEEP With My Husband! Should I Feel Guilty?”- Woman Sparks Major Online Debate

“I Let My Mom And My Sister SLEEP With My Husband! Should I Feel Guilty?”- Woman Sparks Major Online Debate

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While we agree that some bonds can never be broken, one woman is sparking major outrage and concern about her unique family bonds.

The relationship between a mom, her daughter, and a sister is definitely very precious. But we bet you’ve never heard of this particular incident that has so many people in absolute awe.

Source: TikTok

A woman has gone on to explain how she loves sharing things with those that mean most and that includes her husband too. Yes, think along the lines of allowing your sister and your mother to sleep with your partner.

Adding how there is nothing off-limits in her household, the woman has sparked a major frenzy with her open-mindedness and how she’s okay with unique family arrangements.

Source: The Sun

Brook Maklin took to her social media account to show the world her sister and her mother, claiming that she shares her husband with them.

“This is my mother, I let her have my husband a couple of times in a week. Yes, I am that kind of wife,” the woman explains in a shocking post.

Captioning her viral video with ‘My life, don’t judge me,’ Brook’s post has gone viral in a matter of time. Let’s not forget her rather unusual hashtags that include hot mom and swinger life too.

Source: New York Post

But as you can probably expect, people went wild with rage at the unique revelation with so many having different schools of thought on the bizarre ordeal. Therefore, they did not hold back when it came to bashing the woman.

Comments ranged from ‘what happens if one of them gets pregnant to another boldly stating how the woman was not only sick but twisted in the head.

Source: The Sun

But the drama doesn’t stop there. The self-proclaimed swinger even went on to add in another one of her videos how she likes to see her man happy and that means allowing him to ‘play’ with her younger sister too.

Wow, what are your thoughts on Brook and her unique take on life? Let us know in the comments section if you’ve ever come across a personality like hers.