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Home » JUST IN: SpaceX Launches FOUR Astronauts To NASA’s International Space Station

JUST IN: SpaceX Launches FOUR Astronauts To NASA’s International Space Station

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SpaceX has reportedly launched a space crew to NASA’s space station called the Crew-4 mission.

The mission blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center at about 3:00 EST and included a diversified mix of astronauts, as it not only included equal numbers of men and women but also had astronauts like Kjell Lindgren, Jessica Watkins, Samantha Cristoforetti, and Bob Hines.

Source: AP

Watkins was given the honor of being the first-ever black woman to be a part of the crew and take part in the extended mission. Moreover, the crew was given the name SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule ‘Freedom’ as this honored Alan Shepard.

The news comes as the company had launched up to four astronauts to NASA’s International Space Station on Wednesday. This was just a few days after it was involved in completing an entire flight that had been chartered by a number of millionaires.

Source: Daily Mail

“I believe this crew is so diversified and we haven’t seen such diversity in a really long time”- explained the head of space operations, Kathy Lueders.

Experts are looking at the quick turnaround time for a company like SpaceX as being less than 40 hours and that’s a very obvious signal about how busy of a spaceflight calendar the venture is having, ever since the popular company of billionaire Elon Musk turned into NASA’s main astronaut taxi, about two years back.

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Meanwhile, other reports spoke about how this particular crew mission was actually supposed to undergo a launch last week. However, it underwent a delay due to its other mission of transporting three wealthy businessmen, each paying 55 million to embark upon the adventurous trip.

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This is being looked at as NASA’s first trip relating to the world of space tourism and by the looks of it, they’ve managed to do a pretty decent job at it. Do you agree?