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Millennials Are Now Living In Pods In Their Parents’ Yards

Living pods are great idea for young couples and those who look forward to owning their own apartment.

Jag Virdie, a former Roll Royce engineer designed The Conker, a living pod that resembles a soccer ball and great transitional living space for young couples.

UK citizens face the challenges of modern housing, and the situation doesn’t look really good at the moment. The number of homeless people is on the rise. Low-income households struggle to make ends meet. Graduates enter a new chapter in their life unaware of all the struggles adulthood brings.

A former Rolls-Royce engineer may have a solution to all of these problems. What’s your take on living pods?

Jag Virdie signed the design of The Conker. It describes a small usable living space that helps you perceive things differently. “Take the best that exists and make it better,” Virdie says. That’s how he came up with the brilliant idea for creating the living pod — The Conker.

The Conker resembles a soccer ball with a 3.9 m in diameter. The carpet area covers 10 square meters, and the designer used British materials to finish the project. This reduces costs and cuts the need to import goods.

Virdie’s living pod has a well-functioning heat-retention system and it’s waterproof. Users will be able to use an underfloor heating system. The ventilation system is comprised of an air filter. There’s also a heat recovery system and a secure locking system. Power sockets? Of course. The Conker has it all and even more. Virdie didn’t forget the USB sockets.

“It’s suitable for use in even very remote locations, where, because of its four minimal anchor points, it has almost zero impact upon the ground in which it is set,” explains Virdie.

“The spherical design allows for a natural run-off when it rains and no, or very small, foundations ensure zero impact on natural drainage. For the occupiers, a heat-exchange pump ensures a comfortable maintained temperature and a constant flow of fresh air, which really aids sleep and optimizes the body’s metabolism.”

The best part comes when customers realize that they can customize the Conker. The installation process takes up to a day.

“Our mission is to change the way buildings are designed today by disrupting the norm, challenging construction practices at their core.”

One can connect The Conker to other pods to create a bigger household. Living pods of this kind are great for young couples.

“We aspire to bring automotive and aerospace engineering standards to the construction industry,” reads the website. “By using these principles, we have already achieved and exceeded building regulations multiple times.

In addition, our collaboration with Keele University has brought a new framework into play where the building is designed around the user, rather than the other way around. This is known as ‘User Centered Design’ which allows us to be efficient in design from the onset.”

Virdie, first designed the living pod for his kids. He thought that building a spherical treehouse for his kids is a good idea. It’s an excellent idea.

The Conker costs $24,000 which is lower than the rent of an average middle-class household.

“The Conker was born in 2015 through the knowledge that a building should be beautiful, aerodynamic, strong and versatile,” reads Conker’s website. “We envisaged a contemporary, state of the art, desirable environment which could be adapted and personalized without limitation. A sphere was the natural choice due to its streamlined and structural properties.”

Virdie won’t stop here. The Conker is the perfect way to kick off a beautiful program.

“We’re looking at smaller ones and much larger ones that will be three bedrooms inside and even a full house, and all the foundation you require is the four legs, so you don’t need to disrupt the ground,” he said. “Because of the shape of it, there’s no maintenance on the outside and you can even update it when you want by requesting new panels.”

If you are interested, you can choose between the plug-in, the off-the-grid, or the plug-in hybrid version.

The Conker is a simple solution to all your problems. It can be your new office or bedroom. Inspiration room maybe? You will love it and the kids will love it too.