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Model With Z Cup Breast Sized Implants Says She’s Not Done Yet

A 42-year-old glamour model, famed for having the world’s largest breasts, undergoes yet another cosmetic procedure.

Foxy Menagerie from Atlanta is known for being a surgery addict. And the glam queen is in the news again because of her z cup breast surgery. It should be noted however, she’s not done yet. Yes, the 42-year-old wants more and the world can’t handle it.

z cup breast
Source: Daily Star

A 42-year-old woman with double z boobs holds the record for world’s largest breasts

Foxy Menagerie is the woman who holds the title for the world’s largest breasts. The Michigan based glamour model has double z boobs and says she isn’t done with the size just yet.

The glam queen is quite cosmetic surgery obsessed, claiming she is willing to undergo further breast enhancement procedures. In other words, her breast enlargement journey isn’t quite complete.

Her claims come right after her divorce. Hence, the 42-year old says she’s on the lookout for an image revamp. And her breasts are the perfect place to start. She went on to claim how she desires that ideal and picture-perfect hourglass figure.

Today. her breasts measure a startling 6640 cubic centimeters. At the same time, Foxy claims that she has a certain number in mind, and will go out of her way to get it. And that size is 7000 cc.

Foxy Menagerie describes her transformation from ‘plain-looking and shy’ to famed ‘z cup breast sized implants’

How did a simple glamour model get the title for the world’s largest breasts?

Foxy explains in an interview about how she was very plain and ordinary looking, during her childhood. The model always felt shy and dissatisfied with her appearance. She didn’t communicate well with others and lacked self-confidence. At the same time. Foxy began modeling during her teenage years. And according to her, that was her transition point in life.

z cup breast
Istvan Lettang/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Glamour model explains how a divorce led to her absurd z cup breast sized addiction

The cosmetic queen describes how her marriage affected her modeling career. And that was the temporary stop to all her surgeries.

However, a sudden divorce paved the way for her surgery addiction. As a consequence, the glamour model went on with numerous breast implant procedures. Foxy always felt the need to transform her image. As a result, one surgery led to another. Consequently, she is famed for her z cup breast size. Hence, making her the center of much speculation around the globe.

Foxy described her feelings with the following statement:

‘The surgeries really, really impact my confidence because it’s the look I’m after. It’s taken a lot to get me to this point,’ 

Glamour model, 42, with double Z cup breasts says she
Istvan Lettang/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Surgery addict claims, ‘ I don’t mind people looking but I won’t let anyone cross the line. ’

As far as Foxy’s daily life with large breasts is concerned, the model explains that she is satisfied with her z cup breast size, in terms of appearance. Conversely, she does find it difficult to perform normal everyday tasks.

At the same time, the 42-year-old surgery addict claims that she doesn’t mind the great amount of attention her breasts attract. However, she won’t tolerate anyone crossing the line. Her thoughts regarding the topic read as follows:

‘I don’t blame them for looking because it’s like seeing the Loch Ness Monster – you don’t know when you’re going to see one and if you do, you want to take a picture.’

Today, the famed glam model isn’t quite sure whether or not she will ever be content with her overall appearance. It should be noted that her current goal at the moment is reaching 700 ccs. And her struggle is on the rise to achieve just that and more.

z cup breast
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One glamour model’s search for the ultimate hourglass figure is leading her to take drastic steps. And we’re sure this is one revamp that the world will remember for decades.