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Home » Mother Sparks Outrage After Sharing Pictures Of Her 1-Year-Old Baby Covered In Tattoos

Mother Sparks Outrage After Sharing Pictures Of Her 1-Year-Old Baby Covered In Tattoos

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A mother has been facing backlash after sharing photos of her tattooed one-year-old baby on social media.

Shamekia Morris is a proud mother from West Palm Beach, Florida, who was accused of being a bad mother after she began covering her son Treylin in temporary tattoos at the age of just six months.

©Shamekia Morris

The little boy, who is now one year old, is often covered in tattoos from head to toe and his mom proudly shares photos of his latest tats on the internet.

©Shamekia Morris

While Shamekia receives lots of support and praise from fellow parents, plenty of people have since accused her of neglecting her child and putting the baby in danger even though the tattoos aren’t permanent and can easily be removed.

“I get a lot of backlash, people say I’m raising my son as a ‘gangster,’ a ‘thug,’ they’re not used to seeing a baby with tattoos,” she admitted in an interview with Truly.


“When I was eight months [pregnant] I did a maternity shoot with my brothers at a tattoo shop. I got bullied on social media. All the comments were negative, people were saying my baby was going to be born with a whole bunch of tattoos. He’s going to have skin poison. It was crazy.”

©Shamekia Morris

Needless to say, many of her followers were not thrilled when Shamekia began putting tattoos all over the baby’s body including his legs, arms, back, and stomach.

“The backlash has been horrible. It hurts my feelings because I know I’m not a bad mom and I get called all types of names. It’s crazy,” she added.

©Shamekia Morris

The young fashion designer also took the opportunity to address her critics and urge them not to judge her because her decisions are a part of the lifestyle she enjoys very much.

©Shamekia Morris

“If you’re judging someone off of a 30-second video on social media that’s your business, but what you say or think about someone isn’t going to determine what they’re going to be in the future,” Shamekia says.

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