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Home » “My Goal Is To Look As FAKE As Possible”- Woman Splashes Out 50K On Plastic Surgery

“My Goal Is To Look As FAKE As Possible”- Woman Splashes Out 50K On Plastic Surgery

You may have heard of some pretty interesting beauty goals and standards in this world but this next surgery addict is in a league of her own.

Meet Serena Smith who spent a staggering sum of money to look as fake as possible and if you think she’s done, well, think again. 

The beauty junkie recently revealed how she adores her ‘exaggerated’ appearance and is willing to take all the more steps needed to help complete her unique appeal. 

“I just can’t seem to help it sometimes. Men literally stop traffic and stare. It’s like they have to get a glimpse of me,” she added. 

Source: Daily Star

But those stares on the streets are sometimes not enough and that’s the real reason why she’s planning on her next beauty mission which comprises a Brazilian butt lift.

At just 23 years, the surgery addict has gotten so many procedures done, explaining how she began really young, as a teenager. 

From plenty of botox and fillers on her face to breast implants and more- she’s gotten it all. But she’s still not satisfied, although she does love the attention that comes her way.

Source: Daily Star

“I want a better butt and bigger breasts because my current look is starting to appear a bit too natural,” she explained. 

As you can probably imagine, the cosmetic spending has run up to £50,000 and might increase further. But certainly, it’s the least of her concerns because she claims that appearing fake is quintessential in her world.

Source: The Sun

“I won’t lie. I love getting the attention and the reasons from people. I never take life too seriously. Instead, I prefer to provoke people because I find it super hilarious,” she stated. 

Source: Pinterest

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