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Home » ‘Nazis rebuilt UFO and made super-soldiers on Mars,’ conspiracy theorists say

‘Nazis rebuilt UFO and made super-soldiers on Mars,’ conspiracy theorists say

A wild conspiracy theory has resurfaced on YouTube claiming that Hitler created ‘super-soldiers’ on Mars after finding a UFO in Antarctica.

‘The Secret Space program’ claims that a small group of Nazis came across a crashed UFO in Antarctica and managed to successfully build one of their own.

It goes on to claim they used it to travel to Mars where the soldiers were transformed into ‘killing machines’ using advanced alien technology – which seems similar to the back story of Marvel’s Winter Soldier.

Bringing light to the theory, YouTuber Nightmare Keys said: “The Secret Space Programme alleges that near the end of World War II, a splinter group of Nazis operating in Antarctica reverse-engineered alien technology and flew to Mars.

The theory says the UFO was found in Antarctica at the end of World War II (Image: scu)

“After doing this, they established a secret space programme and began abducting members of the public to join the Secret Space Programme.

“Believers of the conspiracy usually allege that they were abducted by the space Nazis and brought into the Secret Space Programme.

“These people are then programmed to become basically killing machines and transformed into super soldiers so that the space Nazis can go and fight aliens on other planets.

Conspiracy theorists believe Nazis found a way to mak super-soldiers with alien technology (Image: Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

However, this crazy theory isn’t the only alien theory that surrounds the Nazi party.

The legend of “Die Glocke”, which translates to “The Bell” in English, was said to be a UFO/Time machine hybrid that Adolf Hitler developed in hopes to change the course of World War II, according to Popular Mechanics.

Mars, red planet
The theory claims the Nazis travelled to Mars with the UFO (Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF)

In Nick Cook’s book, The Hunt for Zero Point described the ‘wonder-weapon’ as a glowing, rotating contraption” that possibly had “some kind of anti-gravitational effect.”

It also suggested that the craft could have been a “time machine” that was part of an “SS antigravity program” for the “Repulsine” flying saucer.