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Olympic Gold Medal Favorite Rides Around In TEARS After Horse Refuses To Cooperate

Famous Olympian and gold medal favorite from Germany, Annika Schleu broke down into tears after her assigned horse refused to cooperate during the competition’s horse-riding event.

The star had an emotional breakdown as she rode around helplessly with tears rolling down her face, right after her horse refused to perform any jumps in the final event.

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While the athlete was predicted to win a gold medal during the striking competition as she topped the majority of leaderboards in the category of fencing as well as women’s freestyle swimming, this was definitely not destined to be her day of victory.

Source: Sport Bible

Not only was it so distressful and heartbreaking for so many viewers to watch, just the thought of scoring zero was beyond comprehendible for a star athlete of this level.

When it comes to the event of horse riding, competitors usually receive a random horse, around 20 minutes before the start of their turn. Therefore, it’s absolute luck as to who the horse is and how they behave. Meanwhile, previous statistics show that this particular horse that was identified as Saint Boy had previously shown a refusal for another athlete named Gulnaz Gubaydullina. She was left with a big zero on the scoreboard.

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Schleu who is a 5-time Olympic champion just couldn’t believe her luck as she appeared super distressed and emotional with plenty of tears rolling down her face. She initially got off to a rocky start, where she knocked down a few fences during her short jumping attempts.

As time passed on, she appeared devastated and restless and that’s when the 31-year-old started showing aggression in the arena. The German dream state to appear and a coach tried to assist by brutally yanking and punching the horse. Schleu started doing the same, losing her composure.

Source: Gulf News

Twitter was on fire as many lost sympathies for her when she violently hit her horse for not performing at the Olympics. Soon after the match was over, it was revealed how the German coach that assisted Schleu in punching the horse was kicked out of the competition.

Source: TASS

In the end, the star athlete could only manage to secure the fourth position on the points board, leaving Team Germany on the verge of nothing but tears and sheer heartbreak.