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Only 5% Of People Could Nail This Puzzling Test! Do You Think You Can Do It?

This mind teaser is driving so many puzzlers up the wall but do you think you can solve it correctly? 

When it comes to the workplace, the haunting stories relating to bosses are plenty. While some claim their bosses are mean, others say that their bosses are so highly dependent upon them that taking a break is out of the question. 

Bosses not only control your employment but also make sure you’re at the top of your game in terms of performance as well as getting things done right. 

Let’s not forget, your holidays, pay raises, and promotions are also an integral part of your duty that lies in your boss’s hands. Hence, to sum it up- life gets easier when you and your boss are on the same page. 

In case you happen to be wondering why we’re focusing on bosses so much today, well, the answer is simple. The tricky challenge below is asking you to put your logic and observation skills to the test and figure out the possible solution. But do you think you can do it with ease? Let’s see!

The mind teasing puzzle 

Source: GPuzzles

While the scenario being shown appears awfully simple at first, there are some deceivingly hidden clues that require your undivided attention. 

The graphic shows three men that all appear as office-going individuals. Now, it’s your turn to keep a lookout for the hidden clues and predict which of the following is actually a real boss and why.

The correct answer 

It’s time for the final reveal. Let’s take a look at the correct answer and see where you stand in this challenge. 

he right answer is man number 3! The reason being is that his blazer is laying on top of the boss’s chair. Therefore, that clearly means he’s the boss. 

That was definitely a tricky one! Do you agree? Hence, kudos to those who managed to solve it correctly on their first attempt.