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Only ’60s Kids Will Remember These Things!

The 1960s revolutionized everything. And if you were around then, you’ll remember everything here. But if you can’t recognize these things only sixties kids will remember, you missed out…

Tang Was Your Favorite Drink

General Foods | Flickr / retrolandusa / CC 2.0

In the ’60s, Tang was the coolest thing a kid could drink. It was was affordable and it was easy to make. So you didn’t even need your mom or dad to help out. Plus, it’s what the astronauts drank. Neato!

McDonald’s Burgers Were Only 15 Cents


You may think you’re getting a neat deal when you off the McDonald’s $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu. But in the ’60s, McDonald’s burgers cost only 15 cents. Then again, 15 cents was considered a lot of money in those days.

Go-Go Boots Were on Your Christmas List


Santa Claus was overwhelmed by requests from girls wanting to own go-go boots, which were typically white, low-heeled, mid-calf boots introduced in 1964. You sure didn’t want to be caught dead going to a dance club without wearing a pair of these boots.

Hippies Were So In


You remember how fun hippies were with their “make love not war” signs and their psychedelic clothing. The serene and loving youth movement continued to expand and became an icon of peace, flowers, and free love. Eventually the movement spread to other countries.