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“OnlyFans Saved My Life”- Hot Mom Goes From Rags To Riches By Showing Stellar Body

A model is going viral after revealing her unique story of how she went from rags to riches, all thanks to her decision to join OnlyFans.

Not only does the platform generate plenty of income, but this mother also says that she’s using her funds to help others too because she knows exactly what it feels like to starve.

Source: Twitter

Revealing her appalling story to fans on social media, the OnlyFans star gave a detailed description about how she was so poor and did not have enough cash for purchasing groceries or food.

“There were days when I used to be starving. But now, she earns thousands with a few x-rated images and she couldn’t be more grateful for the platform that she claims has turned her life around.

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“My upbringing was very strict as I belonged to a Catholic household,” she revealed. Today, her family members don’t even talk to her because of her profession and she’s okay with that because it pays her bills.

They’ve completely cut me off,” the model revealed. “In Ireland,  people don’t look at sex workers with praise. In general, they’re always looked down upon. But for me, it’s all about the money that helps me get through my basic needs and expenses,” she boldly claimed.

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Speaking about her dramatic change in fate, this woman also spoke about how hard her daily battles would get. From contacting charities for assistance to begging for food vouchers, she says that she’s done it all. And those were indefinitely some of her most difficult times in life.

Source: Variety

Now, she doesn’t even need to think twice before making a purchase or buy food because she’s earning thousands with just her saucy clicks. Yes, she’s living her dream life and plans on helping other struggling women too because she feels there’s nothing better than giving back.