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Home » Salma Hayek: My breasts keep growing ‘a lot’ But They’re 100% Natural

Salma Hayek: My breasts keep growing ‘a lot’ But They’re 100% Natural

Actress Salma Hayek is going public about her ‘boob affairs’ and how she can’t help the fact that they continue to grow with time.

The famous celeb spoke about how her breasts have grown over time and are still in the process of doing so, despite the fact that she’s reached menopause. “For most women, the size usually gets smaller but for me, it’s actually the opposite. They’re getting larger and I simply can’t help it!”

Source: New York Post

With that being said, the star also spoke about the great attention that surrounds her breasts and how often she gets questioned about receiving breast implants or augmentation surgery. But that’s far from the truth as she adds that it’s all-natural.

Source: Ozzie News

“When I first visited the doctor regarding my menopause and some of the signs that I began seeing, I was very shocked by the list of potential symptoms that they threw towards me,” she claimed.

Source: New York Post

Salma also spoke about how terrifying she felt regarding the questions as it was definitely something that the 54-year-old did not anticipate at all. The star spoke her heart out for a recent episode of the ‘Red Table Talk’.

Source: New York Post

Some of the strange questions included talk about ear growth and hair growing out from them, weight gain episode, dryness of the vagina, crying for no reason, growth of facial hair, and whether or not she felt irritable with the passage of time or not!

Source: Olean Times

But out of all of the symptoms being mentioned, there is one thing that surprised the star the most. And that was her boob size, something that they failed to mention during the evaluation.

“No one told me that my breasts would get larger due to menopause. In fact, I heard that they actually shrink but that certainly was not the case with me,” she explains.

Source: New York Post

“Mine grew a lot and I just happen to be one of those women where it took place at every single step,” Salma concluded.