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Home » School Principal Investigated After Receiving ‘Lap Dance’ From Teen Student At Homecoming Event

School Principal Investigated After Receiving ‘Lap Dance’ From Teen Student At Homecoming Event

Shocking reports coming in from Kentucky reveal how the district is currently investigating a bizarre incident involving a school principal receiving lap dances from a teen student.

According to recent reports from local media outlets, a teenage boy gave a series of lap dances to the school’s principal as well as other staff members belonging to the educational institution. The bizarre ordeal took place at a recent homecoming event that was reportedly held on campus, raising so many eyebrows after the incident went viral on social media.

Source: IBI Times

A number of provocative images from the event were uploaded online, showing the principal receiving lap dances from a teenage boy with many confirming how it was one of the students who was involved in the performance.

The school was identified as Hazard High School in Kentucky but that wasn’t the only shocking image that made its way online.

Source: IBI Times

There were a number of other jaw-dropping pictures that featured teenage girls parading around campus while dressed in costumes that resembled waitresses from Hooters too! They were surrounded by young male students who paddled around them.

Meanwhile, the superintendent for the school mentioned during a recent public interview on Wednesday how all of the incidents were currently under investigation, and for that reason, it was too early to speak about them in detail.

Source: Facebook

Whatever the case may be, so many students and their parents were beyond outraged when they glanced over the most eye-brow-raising image of them all. And that comprised of the principal sitting down silently and enjoying a lap dance by another male.

The teen could be seen moving around in a very ‘seductive’ manner as the school’s principal held a massive grin across his face.

Source: New York and World News

The boy suddenly appears in a black dress and starts to bend over in front of the principal as revealed in the horrifying pictures. Soon, the teen can be seen wearing the same attire but this time around, the dress is pulled way down below his stomach.

Officials are still investigating how such a bizarre event was able to occur in the first place and hence once complete, only then will they be able to take appropriate action, mentioned reports.