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Simpsons Predict 49ers In 1999 But It Went Wrong For The First Time

The Simpsons show has been clearly predicting out some big news regarding the future from the past couple of events.

The Simpsons predict 49ers back in 1999 in an episode and ‘Simpsons prediction’ is quite a phenomenon on the internet.

If we were to count exactly how many times The Simpsons really did predict the future in all of its history and all of the predictions were proven to be accurate, is basically 18 times. Some of those major events include Donald Trump’s win, Three-eyed fish, a letter from The Beatles.

From politics to disasters, from TV shows to the appearance of Greta Thunberg, Simpsons prediction has done it all. But the accuracy went wrong when The Simpsons predicted 49ers.

What is the real story behind ‘Simpsons predict 49ers’?

simpsons predict 49ers

So back in 1999, Simpsons predicted 49ers’ success. In the episode Sunday, Cruddy Sunday, to watch the Superbowl, Bart and Homer travel to Miami.

So basically what happens is their tickets are shown to be fake and they get end up being thrown or locked away in the locker rooms where the winning team is present. The team in there is seen to be wearing the same uniform as that of the San Francisco 49ers. The uniform is 101% alike as it is also a white and red kit.

21 years later now, the Simpsons predict 49ers in a way that 49ers are seen to be wearing the same flipping uniform. How absolutely unbelievable right? But that’s not it. Hear us out when we tell you guys that 49ers in Miami took on the Kansas City Chiefs in The SuperBowl.

The Simpsons predictions

simpsons predict 49er episode

Not going to lie, they had us in the beginning. It looked like as if it’s true that Simpsons predict 49ers to be the winners.

In the beginning, The Chiefs entered the fourth quarter down 20-10 but a major twist happened. This kind of proved the theory that Simpsons predict 49ers. Shortly after the ‘fallback’, the Chiefs came real up high and took the game by  31-20.

It was a beautiful comeback by the team that left everyone ‘shooketh’.

simpsons predictions

I think we need to give the writers a break by not bashing at them for predicting wrong because The Simpsons predicted this win 2 decades ago, man! It was with the advancement that it was there even before the 1999 Super Bowl.

So let’s not blame the writers for hyping us up for this ‘loss’. The writers actually did claim that this prediction was 100% of their own hypothesis and whatnot! Obviously, the internet wasn’t going to forgive them. I mean, we were all so happy that 49ers is going to win. Not going to lie, we had our pop-corns, sodas, and sandwiches ready and Ummm… all the winning things too such as decors and all.

How did Paul Rudd, the antman, handle this wrong prediction?

Ant-Man star Paul Rudd who’s a Chief’s big fan was supporting his team. A video on NFL’s official Twitter account is there back in February where Paul goes:

” We’re going to get you guys; 49ers. GO CHIEFS.”

We could say Paul pretty much predicted the Chief’s win more! It won’t be wrong to say so anyway.

The Chiefs fans saw all over the social media applauding Paul for his Marvel-Esque powers.

Simpsons fan getting disappointed

San Francisco 49ers ~ Homer Simpson | Nfl funny, Nfl memes ...

Somebody tweeted after the loss of this game, ” Can’t believe The Simpsons prediction was wrong about the 49ers winning the Super Bowl. Against the Chiefs this time. They shouldn’t have been though…”

Fans from all over the world of The Chiefs were really happy about this unpredictable success of The Chiefs and fans of 49ers? Let’s just say they don’t care about The Simpsons predictions anymore!

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