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The Best Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

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The Best Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

Note: if your pain in chronic and severe, so and see your doctor.

Shoulder pain appears in some muscles, ligaments or tendons in and around the shoulder.

Shoulder pain may affect people of different age, but mostly the ones who use tablets, laptops and smart phones for longer time.

Many factors can cause the shoulder pain, but the most prevalent is injury to the soft tissues, like the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the shoulder.

Sometimes, the pain is caused by some type of injury to the neck or the bicep, or by arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, torn cartilage, bone spurs, broken shoulder bone, spinal cord injury and frozen shoulder.

It can also be a result of diseases of the cervical spine in the neck, or gallbladder, heart or liver disease.

Other symptoms besides pain are swelling, difficulty moving the shoulder and tenderness around the joint.

If the pain is minor, you can try treating it at home, using the following ten home remedies.

1. Cold compress

the cold compresses are pretty helpful when it comes to this problem, because the coldness helps numbing the area, and reducing the inflammation and the pain.

  • place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it in a towel
  • let it stay on the affected area for 10-15 minutes
  • repeat this several times a day for a couple of days

you can also soak a towel in some cold water and then place it on your shoulder.

Do not place them directly on the skin to prevent frostbite.

2. Hot compress

hot compresses are also helpful for treating shoulder pain, swelling and inflammation. It is recommended that you use them 48 hours after the injury. These compresses also alleviate the pain of stressed out muscles.

  • fill a bag with hot water and place it on the affected area for 10-15 minutes, lying down. Repeat several times a day
  • while showering, run warm to hot water on the shoulder for 10-15 minutes, standing still. Do this twice a day

3. Compression

this means that you need to put some pressure on the affected area in order to reduce swelling. This will give support to your shoulder and make you feel better.

Compress the shoulder with an elastic bandage or a warm wrap bought from the market. Wrap the shoulder until the pain is gone, and keep it elevated using pillows to promote the healing process.

Note: do not wrap too tightly to prevent poor circulation and worsening of the condition.

4. Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate and thus helps in relieving the pain. It also improves the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, and reduces stress from the whole body.

  • fill the bathtub with warm water
  • add two cups of Epsom salt and stir well until it dissolves
  • soak in the tub for 2-25 minutes
  • repeat this thrice a week

5. Massage

this is also a way to eliminate shoulder pain, but it needs to be a gentle massage that will release the stress and the tension, as well as the stiffness and the swelling. It will also improve the blood circulation.

You can use coconut, olive, mustard or sesame oil for the massage.

  • warm the oil a bit and apply it on the shoulder
  • easily squeeze the shoulder and put pressure to relieve the pain and improve the circulation
  • after 10 minutes of massaging, put a warm towel on the shoulder
  • repeat the massage several times a day until the condition improves

Note: do not use massage for an injury if it causes pain.

6. Turmeric

this is a great pain-reliving remedy. The curcumin from this herb contains antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory effects.

  • mix two tbsp of turmeric powder and one or more tbsp of coconut oil and make a paste which you will rub over the sore muscles. After the paste dries, rinse off with warm water. Do this twice a day until you get rid of the pain
  • mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder and 1 cup of milk and boil this mixture. Add some honey to it and drink it twice a day
  • you can also use capsules made of turmeric, 250-500 mg, three times daily. For the right dosage ask your doctor

Note: do not take too much turmeric if you take blood-thinning pills.

7. Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar is known to have anti-inflammatory and alkalizing effects and thus reduce inflammation and pain.

  • pour two cups of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a bathtub full of warm water. Soak in the bathtub for 20-30 minutes and relax in this bath once a day for several days.
  • Drink a mixture made of a glass of warm water and 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar and a little honey. Take this twice a day for a week.

8. Ginger

ginger is great because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and because it reduces inflammation and pain. It also improves the blood circulation and it accelerates the healing processes.

  • consume 2-3 cups of ginger tea every day. Simmer 1 tbsp of thinly sliced ginger into one and a half to two cups of water. After 10 minutes strain, add some honey in it and drink it.
  • You can also use supplements based on ginger

9. Lavender oil

this is a great essential oil for relaxing the muscles and reducing pain and inflammation.

  • add several drops of lavender oil to some warm bathwater. Soak in this bath for half an hour. do this every day and relax your sore muscles.
  • Add several drops of lavender oil to 12 tbsp of warm olive oil and massage the affected are for ten minutes. Repeat this treatment twice a day for a few days.

10. Alfalfa

this herbal remedy is good for relieving pain and swelling, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation and swelling.

  • consume 1-2 cups of alfalfa tea for several days to relieve shoulder pain. In a cup of hot water, add a teaspoon of dry alfalfa leaves and let it steep for 5 minutes, then strain and drink it.
  • After consultation with your doctor, start taking alfalfa supplements

Additional tips:

  • rest the painful area in order to promote healing
  • keep your shoulder elevated using pillows to reduce pain and swelling
  • keep a good body posture to promote healing
  • start using your elbow more to give the shoulder a rest
  • try some neck stretching exercises
  • use a thicker pillow so that your neck and shoulder are well supported
  • try treating with acupuncture or acupressure
  • do some light stretching exercises using some stretching methods, but if you are not sure, consult a professional first
  • drink warm lemon water every day to prevent mineral deposits in the joints that cause pain
  • you can use a gel with 0.0125 % of capsaicin topically for reducing pain
  • avoid smoking and other tobacco products since they slow down the healing processes