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The ZipCharge Go Allows Drivers To Plug Their Electric Cars Anytime, Anywhere

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The world has now entered a new era. Gas-powered vehicles are still popular, but what’s gaining traction are electric-powered vehicles. We can expect the popularity to move even further, especially with the gas prices rising. People are realizing that it’s time to roll with the changes.

While electric vehicles are reliable, some people find themselves stranded in the middle of the road because they’ve lost power. There are no stations near, and they often find themselves in a dilemma. They’re stuck there until a tow truck comes.

Owners of this type of vehicle can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Introducing the world’s first portable battery pack that’s designed to recharge an electric vehicle (EV) anytime, anywhere. The company will be shipping to customers in early 2023 and everyone can take comfort in the fact that this will be available soon.

The ZipCharge Go comes with a neat design that’s meant to be portable. It looks like a rolling suitcase and meant to address the problem of those who might want to invest in an EV. This is also perfect for those who live in condos with street parking. EVs were perfect for those with a garage that allowed them to recharge their cars at night, and this one caters to those without the luxury.

Not being able to charge near or at home is why EVs are not that popular in the UK. According to recent research, 38 percent of the participants said they were not likely to buy an EV in the next five years. There were also around 36 percent who were worried that they wouldn’t be able to charge in the comfort of their very own home.

ZipCharge Go comes with the state-of-the art bi-directional charging. In fact, the Go (as how they refer to it) can be charged in one’s house within just an hour. One full charge provides 20 to 40 miles of extra range in between 30 to 60 minutes when this is plugged into the vehicle. While 20 to 40 miles doesn’t sound that impressive, the mileage numbers for the early EVs were also worrisome to many. Thus, the company behind this smart innovation is looking into improving these numbers and increasing them as soon they launch this in 2023.

“Since our launch at COP26 in November last year, ZipCharge has received an unprecedented level of interest from potential customers around the world,” said ZipCharge co-founder Jonathan Carrier. He also added, “They immediately see the benefit of the Go portable charger to deliver low cost, convenient charging anywhere they park.”

Carrier and fellow co-founder Richie Sibal has more than 40 years of experiences as they’ve worked in the EV departments for prestigious automobile companies such Jaguar Land Rover, Lotus, and McLaren. Their proprietary ZipCharge Go will also come with a mobile app so that its users have the ability to track the charging speed and their battery status whenever possible.

The app is there so that the users can plug in, go back inside, and see exactly how much they have before they are fully charged. They can estimate what else they can do before heading out of their homes. The owners of the company believe that this is perfect for delivery or service fleet managers as they need to monitor the battery state of every single one of their vehicles that are out, avoid unnecessary stops just to recharge, and stay away from inconvenient parking so they can just charge it before they head back to the depot.

It’s slated to be priced around the same amount as a high-speed home EV charging station. The Go will also be available for lease at £49 ($63) each month. GNN can also confirm that the charging pack will not be sold in a leather briefcase. This means that the Go owners can’t go around pretending that they’re spies of some sort.

“We are committed to launching a truly ground-breaking product in the Go, one that meets the needs of a range of customer groups, and how they would like to use the Go,” Carrier said. “This includes private individuals, fleets and end-destinations, such as hotels, retail complexes, supermarkets and leisure activities – all locations where the ZipCharge Go can provide flexible, convenient and low-cost charging for everyone, anywhere they park.