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This is Why Farmers Are “Selling Their Weapons and Buying Donkeys”

Even though donkeys are often forgotten and misunderstood, what many don’t know is that they are highly valuable animals, whose worth goes far beyond what first meets the eye.

Nowadays, there are more than 40 million donkeys in the world, and farmers usually keep them at farms because they are amazing guard animals, particularly of the canine variety.

Namely, these cute animals can be even better than guard dogs.

A YouTube video has recently highlighted the value and usefulness of donkeys, and it has been already viewed over 8,8 million times. The clip offers important information on what makes donkeys so valuable for farmers.

Donkeys are rather gentle during the day, but during the night, they transform into fearless guards when predators try to steal livestock such as goats and sheep.

This is the main reason why many farmers decide to invest in a donkey rather than guard dogs or weapons.
Donkeys are naturally designed to address issues like canine species including foxes, coyotes, and hyenas when attacking livestock.

A full-blown donkey attack is extremely powerful against African hyenas as well!

The producer of the viral video about donkeys, WATOR, claims that donkeys cost about $500-800 dollars, which is much less than a trained guard dog, and one donkey can guard up to 200 sheep or goats all grazing on the same pasture.

There are several ways in which donkeys can defend livestock:
-By instantly chasing after predators to force them out of the designated area
-By releasing a loud shriek to alert farmers and scare predators
-By unleashing strong kicks with the front, and sometimes back hooves that can stun their opponents and even break their bones

Donkeys are incredibly strong and have incredible natural abilities such as surprising speed, strong teeth, a calm disposition, great eyesight and hearing, and high intelligence on par with dogs and dolphins for problem-solving. It is said that they are generally smarter than horses.
Did you know that one donkey got a Purple Cross award during the first World War by helping its owner rescue over 300 people from the battlefield?

Therefore, if you want to protect your livestock, pets, and kids at your farm at night, a donkey is the only weapon you need!

Check out the video below, and you might instantly decide to get a donkey for yourself soon: