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Home » “Trump Should Have NEVER Been Banned From Twitter”- Former CEO Jack Dorsey Makes Startling Claims

“Trump Should Have NEVER Been Banned From Twitter”- Former CEO Jack Dorsey Makes Startling Claims

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Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey is making some shocking claims about Donald Trump’s ban under his reign.

Dorsey revealed how he should have never gone ahead with the decision to ban the former commander in chief, adding how permanent bans never work out well for platforms like these.

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The co-founder of Twitter mentioned how it was a mistake that he more or less regrets right now, but many critics feel that it’s just a little too late.

The news comes as Tesla CEO Elon Musk inches closer to nailing the complete takeover of Twitter. And that’s when the billionaire announced how strong of an advocate he is for free speech and that’s why one of his biggest jobs after becoming the owner is reversing the Trump ban.

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But if you think that piece of news would make Donald Trump happy, well, think again. And that’s because the former US President says he is no longer keen on making any return on the app, anytime soon. Hence, the ban’s reversal would not make a huge difference to him, if any.

Source: Daily Mail

Moreover, the fact that Donald Trump is on the brink of making his own social platform go viral is definitely a point worth mentioning. At the moment, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but many predict when Truth Social is up and running, it’s going to be major.

Other critics are holding the opinion that Donald Trump is so used to speaking to a large number of followers and this small-scale platform isn’t going to be providing him with the types of engagement that he is so used to.

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For now, we’re just waiting to see what people’s reactions will be after the Trump reversal comes into play on Twitter. While some agree that permanent bans are not healthy, others claim the President deserved it.