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Unraveling The Creepy Mystery Behind Playboy Bunny Symbol

The PlayBoy bunny symbol is one of the world’s most iconic and popular logos in the world.

It is recognized across the globe. At the same time, many relate the logo to prestige, mystique, and sexiness.

Keeping that in mind, a common question arises. And that relates to how did such a renowned adult magazine choose a rabbit, clad in a bow tie as their go-to design.

Below, we’re unraveling the creepy new revelations behind the Playboy bunny symbol.

The history behind the Playboy Bunny Symbol of today

The Playboy bunny symbol is simply clean and unique. Its widespread recognizability over the globe has played a role in its success. As a result, the symbol stands tall behind the brand’s fame.

World-renowned playboy, Hugh Hefner, created the brand and selected its logo. However, designer Art Paul brought the actual logo to life.

The symbol was first used in the magazine’s second issue. The bold black hue represented luxury with class. And since then, it has not changed. This was termed truly remarkable for many.  Most other brands undergo logo redesign processes but Playboy is an exception.

Playboy bunny symbol
Source: Forward Festival

Hugh Hefner’s mysteriously creepy details behind logo selection unveiled

Hugh Hefner’s original vision behind the Playboy bunny symbol is shocking.

The original idea relates to contexts of “humorous sexual connotation.” At the same time, he wanted flavors of “frisky and playfulness” too.

In an interview conducted for a magazine in 1963, the playboy revealed why he chose the bunny in the first place. Hefner placed emphasis upon bunnies in general. He went on to state how he felt they represented a sexual meaning in America.

The celebrity went on to state how bunnies were fresh and shy animals who loved to jump around vivaciously. He dictated how it all related to sexy behavior. Hefner further explained in detail how bunnies first smell you, then escape, then return. All these actions make a person want to caress it and play with it. But that was just the beginning of the creepy details that were soon to follow.

Playboy founder jokingly relates women to a ‘fresh animal’

Hugh Hefner was again at the center of media attention when he made a rather creepy and strange comment regarding the Playboy bunny symbol.

On numerous occasions, he was criticized. For example, when he compared women to a ‘fresh animal.’ Hefner always defended his playmates. He supported all of his brand’s decisions. At the same time, he went on to describe how his playmates were simple and playful, much like a bunny.

Many compared Hefner’s remarks to those relating to sexism. Today, many people remember him for several reasons. Some say more for his questionable women’s views. Although, the playboy also made contributions to journalism and civil rights.

Playboy bunny symbol
Source: The Guardian

World-renowned playboy reveals shocking preferences towards ‘simple’ instead of ‘difficult’ women

Hugh Hefner’s comments regarding women’s preferences made headlines. The Playboy founder stated the following while defending his choices of playmates:

She is never sophisticated, a girl you cannot really have, she is a young, healthy, simple girl – the girl next door. We are not interested in the mysterious, difficult woman, the femme fatale, who wears elegant underwear, with lace, and she is sad, and somehow mentally filthy.

The Playboy girl has no lace, no underwear, she is naked, well-washed with soap and water and she is happy.

But there is more than meets the eye. Hefner believed in feminism every step of the way. He held high regard for strong women and their rights. He always regarded himself to be a feminist.  This included his backing up of reproductive rights for women.

Playboy bunny symbol
Source: E! Online

Even after his death in 2017, the brand continually achieves success. Many feel there is still a lot to learn about Hefner, just like the Playboy bunny symbol.