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Wicked Flat Advert Mocked On Internet On His Ridiculous Rules For Tenants About Cooking And Showering

A man faced severe criticism on Reddit when people heard about his strict and ridiculous rules for the tenants who would be able to rent a single room in his apartment.

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A picture has been uploaded on the internet in which the advert is offering one room for rent in his three-bedroom apartment. The monthly rent, as well as the rules and regulations, are surprising people to no end. The advert has asked for $1,300 as the rent for one month of a single room. The monthly charges for Wi-Fi are $75.

The derided advert
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The tenant will have an access to the kitchen, but he has to bring his food, and cooking meat is not allowed as the advert is a vegan.

Plus, the tenant has to clean the kitchen after cooking. The tenant can use the bathroom, but he has to bring his soap, toilet paper, and shampoo. Showering after 8 pm is strictly prohibited, and pets are not allowed to use the bathroom.

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In case of any guests, the tenant is bound to keep them to his room only. Pets are not allowed, but if somebody is a pet lover, then, in that case, a little leniency is given, but the pets must stay inside the tenant’s room all the time and must not disturb the advert at any cost.

No sounds should be made in the apartment after 9 pm, including the noise from the TV or playing any music. Many people on internet have criticized the strict rules list given by the advert and have sympathized with the person who is still willing to stay with this man at this rent. According to the public, the rent is too high for a single room without Wi-Fi.

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