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Home » Woman Writes Her Own Obituary Before Dying And Bans Her Family From Attending Her Funeral

Woman Writes Her Own Obituary Before Dying And Bans Her Family From Attending Her Funeral

We all have the right to live our lives the way we choose, and one woman, kept this right until her last day, and chose the way she would part from this world. 

One woman decided to do one final thing before she left this world and show her family what she thought of them.

While many praised her courage to stand her ground, others believe that her action is utterly shameful.

When she knew the end was near, Maria Paz Fuentes Fernandez shocked her family by taking away their chance to wish her well on her final journey.

The woman started planning her funeral, and made the guest list!

The list excluded the names of her family members, and only 15 people were given a green light to attend the funeral.

After she died, the obituary was printed in a newspaper.

The paper said:

“Since my family has not been by blood for a long time, I declare in my last will and testament that only the people mentioned below can attend my funeral service, be it at the funeral parlor, church or cemetery.

To everyone else who never cared during my life, I want you to carry on living far away from me, just like you were before.”

Many praised this unorthodox way of saying goodbye, but others criticized it.

The strange obituary was printed in the El Progreso newspaper in Lugo, Galicia, and it quickly went viral, sparking all kinds of reactions.

Some said she was brave while others thought her way of parting from life was a “disgrace.”

One person wrote:

“If they left her alone during her life, they can get lost with their hypocrisy, well away from her funeral.”

Another said:

“Great lesson from this lady putting them in her place.”

A third commented:

 “My respect and total admiration for Mrs. Maria Paz, rest in peace.”

A Twitter user wrote:

“She’s completely right. If they weren’t here for her in life, she certainly doesn’t need them in death. Now they’ll have to go without playing the role of grief-stricken victims with their crocodile tears.”

Another person commented:

“When she asked them for help or support they just tossed her to one side. So why should they now go and cry for her if they couldn’t even be bothered to see her in life?” 

Also, many disagreed with her actions and saw her as an “unhappy, spiteful woman.”

One commenter wrote:

“Dying bitter has to be one of the saddest ways to die, truthfully. Things like this highlight the importance and beauty of forgiveness.” 

Yet, another person replied:

“She didn’t die bitter. She died happy, with 15 people by her side who had always been there for her.”

What do you think?